Grand Central Market [Click the photo above to go to Grand Central Market’s website]

105 E 42nd St (between De Pew Pl & Park Ave), New York, NY 10017

I was really on a mission today during my lunch break. I had shidizzle to do. Well, really I just had to use an Amex giftcard before I forgot about it, and then I lost money on it (why do they do that?), so off I went with two coworkers to the nearest Sephora. Picked up some Benefit cosmetics, had to replenish my stash, and we were done (I know what I want, and I get it). On the way back, we passed by a Modell’s (gotta go to Mo’s), so we slipped right in there. My friend gave into the LINsanity craze and purchased a Lin t-shirt for her little brother. I on the other hand balled out and bought a Carmelo Anthony jersey (over $90…what the eff? I already used my Amex money). I will finally be attending a game, and I like to be prepared.

“It’s a jersey. You’ll have it forever,” my other friend pipes in (he’s a guy by the way. Can you tell?)

“Or until he gets traded…” too late now.

My bag is now stuffed with Sephora make-up and a Knick’s jersey, but I have yet to get lunch. Where shall we go?

 We were right by Grand Central, so off to Grand Central Market we went. A market, grand central, lunch time, it won’t be crowded (yes it will!)…I should have had a smaller bag so people would have to try harder to bump into me (but then where would I put my new goodies?). This market has everything: salad, fruit, prepared meals, fresh fish,  CHEESE.

 “I know if I wander for too long I will end up getting a mac ‘n cheese soufflé (because I have done that) so I’m just going to get this,” and I order a small seaweed salad and a steamed shrimp spring roll (made with that gooey rice stuff so it’s not super that a word? It is now).

 My friend completely tuned me out as she stared at all the food (sort of like me in Eataly), and proceeded to have a panic attack over her meal.

 “Oh my G-d look! It’s mac n’ cheese. Yum!” (does she ignore me???) “Will I like this quinoa?”

 “Do you like mint?”


 “Then don’t get the quinoa* with mint.”

 She ended up getting another quinoa, and a shrimp spring roll as well. Just as we were about to hightail it out of there, Miss Mac ‘n Cheese screams, “There’s grapes!”

 I roll my eyes, and am about to make a sarcastic comment when I spot cut-up mango. “Add this!” I scream, as she goes to get rung up (snack for later of course. I get very cranky at around 3:30pm, and I try to avoid that with a fruit pick me up).

 Back to the office we went to enjoy our meal. The seaweed salad was standard, and the shrimp roll had great crunch. There was purple cabbage in it that gave it a little something. Grand Central Market is a good stop for (in my mind) quality dishes when you’re running around. It would not be a spot I’d run to (only when you’re running around?? Does that make sense??). Is it 3:30 yet for my mango?

*Quinoa:grain with an extremely high amount of protein.

Grand Central Market (seaweed salad doesn’t photograph well through glass, and the rolls, they’re sorta pretty)

Grand Central Market (I looked but didn’t touch)

Grand Central Market