Num Pang  [Click the photo above to go to Num Pang’s website]

140 East 41st Street (between 3rd and Lexington Ave), New York, NY 10017

21 East 12th Street (between University and 5th Ave), New York, NY 10003

Even though National Sandwich Day is a long way away (November 3…WRITE IT DOWN) it does not mean I still don’t crave a great sandwich. What up Num Pang! My favorite sandwich place in town. I went on Frisky Friday as a carb gift to myself.

 I went with my 2 coworkers again as well as a newbie to our lunch crew. The newbie had been to Num Pang before, and I immediately hated him for not allowing me to brag about this sandwich place…”I used to work next door…” Did you? … Did you?? … because now I hate you.

Why couldn’t you let me say my usual monologue when referencing this place, “It’s this great Vietnamese sandwich place. It’s sandwich in Cambodian! I know, isn’t that crazy? It’s really meant for pick-up even though there’s a small area to wait for your sandwich…they give you free water too! All sandwiches come with the same basic ingredients, and there are no substitutions, but it doesn’t matter because it so good!” WHY COULDN’T YOU LET ME SAY THAT!

 As we walked I visualized my order at this Vietnamese delight: shrimp, no brisket, should I get the figs? I wonder if I want a side. I want a side.

 My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by… “How do you nicely tell someone they should go to the gym?” my male coworker asks.

 I’m sorry…what are you getting at?? I need to go to the gym? This walk to the sandwich place is not enough? Walk away right now.

 I immediately counter, “Well I already go to the gym, so you don’t have to say it to me” (defensive much?).

 “I don’t go to the gym, so he must be talking about me,” said my female friend (must be, because it can’t be me). Shes NOT fat, not even a little, but you know how we get….

We immediately start yelling at my friend to do suicides down 41st street, while we pick up the sandwiches. “Run! Don’t stop!”

 I guess that might come across as mean, but it made me laugh hysterically (I’m mean). He clearly was not talking about either of us, because he knows better…at least I think he knows better.

 My stroll was turning into a cantor as we made our way closer to the midtown lunch spot. I was soon walking alone, because my friends could not keep up. (Are you confused? We’re going to get lunch! Pick it up people!)

 I see a guy walking ahead of me..I instinctively know he’s going to NumPang. He has the look of hunger on his face. I must beat him. Unfortunately my friends did not feel the same way, and I had to slow down so they could catch up to me. I watched as he turned to wait on line…I KNEW IT!

 I ordered the tiger shrimp with a side of grilled vegetables. Done and done. None of their sandwiches come with cheese (+1), and they all come with veggies. I opted for shrimp. I made a private oath to myself to eat less red meat (ok it’s not so private) in order to feel healthier and feel like I was having a Frisky Friday and not a Fat Friday (well not TOO fat).

 My Lent girl friend ordered the catfish (it’s not my favorite, but I love the whole menu an appropriate amount considering there are no substitutions or changes..That’s because they’re masterpieces…) The newbie copied me with the tiger shrimp (ok I liked him a little more after that), and Mr. “how do you tell someone they’re fat” ordered the chicken. I finished mine first of course, but we all loved our meals, and then we had to go back to the office. Wah!

Num Pang (coconut tiger shrimp)

Num Pang (peppercorn catfish)

Num Pang (grilled vegetables)