Little Italy Pizza

2 E 33rd Street New York, NY 10016

 I decided to go to a happy hour the other night with my friends to support another friend’s charity (help a sister out) at Galway Hooker on 36th between 5th and Madison. I had just gotten a haircut, and it seemed appropriate to show it off. I met my friends there, and I kept texting them to see if they were there as I waited awkwardly at the bar. Turns out they were there the whole time and just weren’t answering their phones…awesome.

 I lasted approximately 2 beers in. That allowed for 1 conversation about whether or not my friend will be moving in with her boyfriend, another conversation about my friend’s shoes, and about 5 mentions of how hungry I was to my friends until they got the hint. My other friend was flirting with a new man, and gave us the “leave without me” eyes, which we eventually learned were the “meet me outside” eyes (I couldn’t tell the difference).

 Where should we go? It’s 9:00, we’re hungry, but we’re not looking to sit for a long time. All of us whipped out our iphones and pulled up: AroundMe, Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Foodspotting.

 “What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t care I’m just hungry.”

“Totally up to you.”

“The app says there are like 10 Asian restaurants nearby”

“I don’t want Asian”

“There is a pizza place too”

“I could do pizza.”

“Lets do pizza.”

 Ok, pizza it is. The app said it was on 31st and 5th so like 5 blocks away whatever. One dummy wore heels to the happy hour (sorry I said it, it was dumb) so every 5 seconds I would a hear a little whimper of “how about here?” The answer is no,  we are not going to Pret a Manger, and we are NOT going to McDonalds. I didn’t drink THAT much to be ok with that choice.

 Then as we are 2 blocks away we walk by “Papaya King” and “Little Italy Pizza” on 33rd and 5th.

 “I love Little Italy Pizza!” My friend screams. Place looks like a dump, but I haven’t had great pizza in a while, so let’s do this thing. Why didn’t our dumb Iphone apps  advise of this place OR Papaya King? Thank goodness you all have me.

 I point to a slice, “what’s that?” I ask.

 “I don’t know” the pizza guy responds.

 “Great, I’ll have that and a ‘shroom slice.” It was actually a chicken parm slice with ricotta cheese.

 We all order and awkwardly pace until our pizza comes out of the oven. I am a two beer queer, so I am not sure if I am giving an accurate review here, but there were no complaints. I finished my slices, and my friends liked theirs.

 “Who uses oregano?”

“I brought it to the table” (guilty)

“Oh, I don’t like herbs.”

 Miss Heels opted out saying she would eat a Lean Cuisine later.

 “What are you anorexic?” my friend screams.

 Peer pressure, she got a slice.

 “I have to pee”

“Me too.”

“You go first and tell me how it is.” (guilty, that was me…selfish)

It wasn’t a nice bathroom, but the pizza hit the spot.

 “Hey, you should put this on your blog!”


Little Italy Pizza (buffalo chicken pizza)

This is without ricotta cheese, but something that fattening is hard to be bad: breaded chicken, cheese, sauce…

Little Italy Pizza (Sicilian slice)

I did not personally taste this pizza, but my friend dies for Sicilian slices, and she ate it right up.

Little Italy Pizza (mushroom slice)

The shrooms were a little cold, but I covered it in crushed red pepper so I didn’t notice. I love when pizza is so big it doesn’t fit on the plate (is that just me?).