Josie’s  [Click the photo above to go to Josie’s website]

565 Third Ave at 37th Street, New York, NY 10016

I had an emergency friend-tervention this afternoon, which gave me a great excuse to try a new restaurant (“let’s meet in the middle at this place I walk by…”) . Hey Josie. A self proclaimed “health conscious diner,” I’d have to agree with them. I met my friend at the restaurant and our journey began.

 The lunch conversation jumped from boys to food, from food to boys.

 “Should we drink at lunch?”

“Do you want to drink at lunch?”

“We probably shouldn’t.”

 I went for the mango lemonade. I’m usually a water girl for lunch so I was really living on the wild side with this one. My friend got the same, and we immediately agreed that it could use a little, what do you call it? Alcohol. This should be my new mixer.

 “I don’t think you guys should talk anymore.”

“Me either. Do you think he’ll text me?”

“You shouldn’t answer if he does. What if he drunk dials you?”

 The waiter brought over bread, but instead of butter, they served us some sweet potato number for dipping. I dropped some of it on the table by accident, but I persevered.

 “What should we get?”

 I should preface that my friend and I used to order appetizers with lunch every day a few summers ago. Hey, we were in college. We were young. We were dumb. We were not in shape. We were drinking and hungry.

 So to take it back old school we split a dumpling app (I call them dumps). They were steamed and came with a tomato sauce instead of a sodium filled soy sauce (ever notice how health places dowse everything in tomatoes for “acid” and “flavor?” I’m on to you guys. Cat is out of the bag). They were good, but I was full from the bread and sweet potato dip-a-roo.

 Then our turkey burritos arrived (lean beef, whole wheat, beans, IT’S FINE). We both ordered the same thing (reassuring that neither of us could have the better dish, no winner and loser, catch my drift?).

 “I went to the gym this morning!”

“Me too!”

“You look skinny.”

“Stop it, go on.”

 I only ate half (YES!), and it was really good. I think it was also because I ate the bread (boo), and I was so into my conversation. Josie’s ended up being way better than I expected. GirlyFoodie + Josie = BFF.

Josie’s (sweet potato puree)

The new butter.

Josie’s (turkey burrito)

Really delic! Dipped it in some guac, and props to no use of sour cream.

Josie’s (steamed potato and broccoli dumplings)

Solid dumps, they tasted healthy, and mostly of broc.

Josie’s (mango lemonade and bread)

My yummy drink. Add some tequila and you’ve got a real bebida.Ay ay ay ay ay (that’s me speaking Spanish).