KOTOBUKI [Click the photo above to go to Kotobuki’s website]

56 3rd Avenue (between 10th and 11th Street)
New York, NY 10003

After a relaxing day on the beach, nothing says Sunday Funday more than a yummy sushi meal.

I had just gotten off the train from Penn Station, still in my bathing suit (don’t worry I had a cover-up on), to have a complete stranger tug at my dress and tell me she could see my butt (it’s just a bikini bottom so my embarrassment was minimal), then to receive a prank phone call (yes I swear to Gd a prank phone call), and then finally a call from my friend asking to go to Kotobuki with her (ding ding ding ding, winner!).

The Long Island sushi spot recently opened a New York outpost, and it attracts the same exact crowd. Essentially it’s the new and improved Mizu, so it’s Jap.City.

Don’t use last names when talking smack about your friends, your latest hook-up, your last hook-up, ex boyfriend, roommate…you get the idea, because I can guarantee you that the person next to you knows them.

My friend has a full blown phobia of this, so the food must be pretty legit for her to want to come here. We arrive, and are seated. I got the booth seat, because I was tired from train ride yay!

We order drinks, and a second waiter comes over asking if we need any drinks. My friend stares at him for a second and goes, “I think you were my waiter last time I was here.”

“Well, it looks like I’m going to be your waiter again.” (best friends, I’m left out)

The menu is 7 pages. Why?

“The salad is amazing here. You have to write about the sesame seeds in it.” (consider it done)

So we each order two green salads. Sounds tame so far, right? JUST WAIT.

“Should we just share since you know what’s good here?”

“We can definitely share.”

I see some section labeled professional/specialties, I then see an appetizer labeled k-mac rolls, like a sushi burger. Ordered!

Salad and 1 appetizer. So far so good.

Mains are another story. 1 special roll is agreed upon. Now what do we do? That is not enough!!

We decide to each do a personal roll. My friend orders the Spicy Girl, I opt for the Philadelphia roll, and we each order a piece of sushi (ok ok I ordered 2 pieces).

Then the dishes arrive. It felt like a drive-by eating. It all came so fast, and we barely stopped to breathe.

You know you’re eating too much when you have to decide between talking and eating, and when you decide to speak you realize your mouth is filled with spicy tuna.

“When was the last time you texted?”

“Can I read the text message?”

Covering mouth with hand to hide food, “Yeah hold on.”

The waiter tells us that they are out of the uni sushi we both ordered. We order replacement sushi pieces (we did not need it).

“Can I try your Spicy Girl?”


“Do you want a Philadelphia roll?”

“I’ve never had one before. Will I like it?”

“It’s like a mini bagel and lox, but I won’t be offended if you don’t like it.”

“I love the Spicy Girl!”

“I love the Philadelphia roll.” (HOW FAT ARE WE??)

There is one roll left on the table. I can’t remember if it’s mine or not.

“Is this one yours?”

“It’s yours.”

“Come here buddy!” as I finish the last bite.

Kotobuki (Green salad:romaine & iceberg – ginger dressing)

Great dressing, and the right amount of sesame seeds. Yum!

Kotobuki (K Mac sliders: spicy tuna sandiwched between a “crispy rice bun” with some tobiko sprinkled on top)

Yes, this was delicious! Slightly difficult to eat, but not as bad as you may think. I mean it’s questionable date food, but what isn’t?

Kotobuki sushi dinner.

Yeah, this is our dinner. Judge us. I don’t care.

Kotobuki (crazy roll: tuna inside, spicy crab on the outside, tobiko, avocado roll topped w/ diced fish, tempura flakes, scallions & spicy mayo concoction)

It’s like the sushi bar threw a party on top of my sushi. It’s always a skinny moment when you’re scooping up what you couldn’t fit on the roll, and eating it like it’s an extra side dish.

Kotobuki (spicy girl roll)

Sorry I couldn’t find a description of it, but it’s spicy tuna on top, and that’s all you need to know. It’s great. It’s sort of creamy (sorry if you hate that word some people do), so beware if you don’t like that.

Kotobuki (Philadelphia roll)

How do you eff this up anyway? Fab.